General Medicine

General Medicine provides person-centered and comprehensive health care to individuals and families in the community.


The Cardiology department offers prevention, diagnosis and treatment services for heart diseases.


The doctor's office has an automatic external defibrillator for immediate response to emergencies.


The Gynecological department provides medical and personal care for every woman.


The department's staff is qualified with high scientific training and many years of experience ensuring high quality medical care and treatment of patients.


Ultrasound is one of the most reliable, painless and economical imaging methods.


Pathology underpins every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment advice to using cutting-edge genetic technologies and preventing disease.

Diabetic dept

The clinic deals with the Diagnosis-Therapy and the monitoring of patients with Diabetes Mellitus type 1 (Juvenile) and type 2 (adult-onset diabetes).


The doctor's is on alert 24/7 and equipped to handle any medical emergency that may arise at any time.


We are near you for whatever you need 24 hours a day.

Call an ambulance

Near you for immediate help.

Consult a specialist

Our experts, with years of experience each in their field, next to you for your every need.

Information about the Clinic

The Clinic of Konstantinos Lazaridis is located on the main road of Pefkochori. The Doctor is available 24 hours per day and equipped with the automatic external defibrillator(AED) in any emergency that may occur.

Our staff

Doctor Abraam Xanthoula, graduated from the Medical School of AUTh. in 1987. In 1990 she specialized in pathology at the General Hospital of Katerini. In 1994 she worked at the 3rd Neurological Clinic of AUTh. where she obtained the title of Specialist of Neurologist. She has also worked as a therapist at the I.K.A. and at T.E.B.E. as well as as a Neurologist associate in the ``Vasiliada`` elderly care unit, in Agios Vasilios, Lagada.

Dr. Abraam Xanthoula

Dr. Thanos Vassilios graduated from the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1994 and in 2003 obtained the title of Obstetrician-Surgeon-Gynecologist from the General Hospital of Kavala, having been trained for six months at the NHS Cheltenham in Great Britain. From 2006-2010 he was a research associate of the Third University Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Hippocrates. The doctor specializes in gynecological examinations and has extensive experience in monitoring pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr. Thanos Vassilios
Obstetrics - Gynecologist

Dr. Nikitopoulos Athinodoros , graduated in 1998 from the medical school of AUTh. In 2000 he started his specialty as a cardiologist, at Conquest Hospital in Hastings. In 2008 he completed his specialty at the University Hospital of Ioannina. The Doctor specializes in invasive cardiology. He has extensive experience and has been included as a speaker at numerous conferences.

Dr. Nikitopoulos Athinodoros

Irini Atmatzidou graduated in 2005 from the Nursing University of Larissa. She did her internship at AHEPA and PAPAGEORGIOU hospitals in Thessaloniki. The nurse holds BLS and ILS. Has extensive experience in emergencies.

Irini Atmatzidou

Frequently asked questions

To make an appointment call 2374061122 or 6972339296

The doctor's office is located at the roundabout of Pefkochori.
From Hanioti on your right, in the corner, from Paliouri on your left in the corner.

Although we do not offer Covid-19 test, we do cooperate with high level sertified microbiological laboratories. Please do not hesitate to contact us and arange and test for you.

If you have any travel insurance you can claim all health expences. We do cooperate with a vast majority of travel insurances. Please, feel free to ask us.

The Doctor

Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis

Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis graduated from the Medical School of NIS University in Serbia in 2003. In 2006 obtained a master's degree in the field of Medical work. DR. Lazaridis started his specialty at the G.N. Naoussa in 2009.
In 2014 started the operation of the Primary Med Care polyclinic in Pefkochori, Halkidiki, where together with his team, which consists of experienced doctors, they are by your side every day to provide you with the medical care you need.


Pefkochori, Halkidiki, Greece

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